I’m inspired to inspire aircraft manufacturers to design and develop outstanding airplanes so that flying will be safe for all people who want to enjoy the beautiful world of aviation.


The maiden flight of the new designed airplane is a big milestone in every flight test project. A flight test program starts far ahead of the maiden flight of the prototype.  During my career as a test pilot and flight test director in numerous projects I was able to learn many lessons. With the background of all this lessons I can give valuable advises to the designer of an airplane. If I would design an airplane I would involve an experienced test pilot, who flew many different aircraft types, in a very early stage of a project. With his experience he has a pretty good idea what kind of designs will work best.

A very important part of a flight test and certification campaign is the planing and the organization of the flight test team. Aircraft designers want to concentrate on the design of the airplanes and don’t want to worry about the certification process. In general the process of certifying an airplane is always the same regardless of the type of airplane. During my flight test career I was able to establish a good relationship to the people from the certifying authorities and learned how they approach the certification of a new design. This enabled me to develop flight test processes and flight test programs which can serve as a basis for any kind of certification projects.

Once the flight test team, its organization and the flight test program is in place it is time to start with the actual flight testing. A flight test program is spilt in different phases. During the development phase the flight test team will evaluate the general characteristics of the airplane. Even with highly sophisticated design methods it is not possible to predict all the characteristics of the airplane. During this phase it is not uncommon that some design changes have to be incorporated. After the development phase the certification flight test phase starts. The certification flight test phase consists of the evaluation of the flying qualities, the performance and the differnet systems of the airplane. All the date which will be collected during a flight test program have to be analyzed. The final product of a flight test campaign is a detailed flight test report.

Another big milestone in a flight test project is when the certifying authority issues the type certificate of the airplane.

Top View offers the whole spectrum of flight test services such as:

  • Consulting during the design

  • Design reviews

  • Organization of the flight test team

  • Training of the flight test team

  • Flight test planing

  • Conducting of the flight test

  • Reporting


Damian Hischier  is a certified test pilot and holds an Airline Transport Pilot License with a Category 1 Flight Test Rating. He flew more than 130 different aircraft types ranging from gliders up to airliners including 15 first flights of prototypes. After the graduation at the National Test Pilot School he worked on numerous experimental and certification projects as test pilot and flight test director. He is a member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots.


Let’s find out together how I can help you on your way to a successful certification of your new airplane.